Watch Pokémon: The First Movie Free Online


Brace yourselves for Pikachu’s heart wrenching tears, as Pokémon: The First Movie is now freely available to stream online on Pokémon TV.

That means that it can either be watched in entirety directly on the official Pokémon website, or by using the associated Pokémon TV app on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Google Chromecast devices.

First released at cinemas across Japan in July 1998, Pokémon: The First Movie is driven by Team Rocket leader Giovanni’s ambition to take over the world. Trying to partner with Mewtwo – a powerful clone of Mew – his latest experiment is smart enough to resist being controlled for his villainous scheme. Escaping from the lab in which it is held captive, Mewtwo soon concocts its own scheme to invite Pokémon Trainers to face the ultimate test.

Hailed as a commercial success, Pokémon: The First Movie was less fondly critiqued with Metacritic aggregating 25 reviews that saw the animated movie awarded a weighted average score of 35 out of 100.

2016 marks 20 years since the first Pokémon games saw release in Japan, their launch date to be marked as Pokémon Day. That will see Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow release on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console service and the Pokémon TCG: Generations expansion strike retailers worldwide, alongside other celebrations.

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