Watch LEGO Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack’s Opening Title Sequence!


LEGO Dimensions was expanded with a second wave of content this week, with the Doctor Who Level Pack certain to be high on everyone’s wish list!

Those that want more adventures in the Whoniverse can set out with the 12th Doctor in an additional mission that spans space and time, called ‘The Dalek Extermination of Earth.’ When the Daleks take over London, the Doctor must travel back in time and across the galaxy to avert disaster – using his special Hacking, Technology, Fix-it and Doctor Regenerate abilities to best his enemies and solve puzzles.

The Doctor Who Level Pack contains a 12th Doctor LEGO minifigure, TARDIS and trusty robotic canine K-9, which can all be used in the game.

TT Games’ attention to detail is second-to-none, and we’ve shared the opening title sequence for you to see below!

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