Walmart Break Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Street Date

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork

With five days to go until launch, Walmart has inadvertently broken the street date for Nintendo Switch exclusive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

That has seen at least one copy released into the wild after an employee was simply asked how much the game was priced at when it was spotted in a glass case. With more potentially out there, it’s worth being mindful that spoilers for the Mushroom Kingdom and Rabbids strategy mash-up may appear online.

“For anyone wondering, they kind of just sold it to me after I pointed it out in the glass box and asked for the price (there was no price on it),” Reddit user OxideTheShadow explained.

“Also as things are right now I’m enjoying the game. Something about it feels kinda sloppy and unpolished in some aspects in the beginning but I feel like it gets better after the whole first tutorial part. And the gameplay both in battle and exploring seems engaging and fun so far.”

Ubisoft announced this week that the Nintendo Switch exclusive will launch with a Season Pass ($19.99) that will include new weapons, solo challenges, co-op maps, and brand new story content.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 29th.

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