VOEZ Update Version 1.6 Introduces 16 New Songs

VOEZ Update 1.6 Screenshot

Flyhigh Works has released a software update for VOEZ, that sees Rayark’s rhythm game now sat on version 1.6.

This free update had added 16 new tracks to the game, from artists such as The SxPLAY, Night Keepers, Alpha Legion, and Paul Bazooka. More specifically, those new tracks are:

  • Angel Wing by uma
  • energy by yourmythos
  • Festival Lights by Mr. Fantastic
  • For Kimini Okuru Uta by The SxPLAY
  • Give by Night Keepers
  • Hai Dian Nun Lu No.36 by The SxPLAY
  • Mont Blanc by Night Keepers
  • MOTHER by The SxPLAY
  • My Real Eden by The SxPLAY
  • Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness- by Fig
  • One Happy Thing a Day by Night Keepers
  • Race is on by Paul Bazooka
  • Road by Night Keepers
  • Running out of Life by Alpha Legion
  • Snow by Night Keepers
  • Take That Ticket by The SxPLAY

We enjoyed the time that we spent tapping out rhythms in VOEZ, concluding in our review: “With plentiful content in a range of energetic music styles, VOEZ astounds and enchants in equal measure to deliver a rhythm game that deserves your attention.”

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