VOEZ Update Version 1.2 Introduces 12 New Songs


Flyhigh Works has released a software update for VOEZ, that sees Rayark’s rhythm game now sat on version 1.2.

This introduces new songs from artists such as Triodust, Kitkit Lu, Air Carrier, Masaki Kawasaki, and Tatsh, that sees the game now boast 146 songs overall.

The 12 that have been added in update version 1.2, are:

  • Asian Dance – Tatsh
  • Atropos – LhoU
  • Comanta Lebu – Kanae Uemura
  • Fis-sure – Triodust
  • Graduation Song~Pieces of Memory~ – Kitkit Lu
  • iNSPiRED – Shiron
  • Lifill – Feryquitous feat. Sennzai
  • Noël – MoriMori Atsushi vs. Uma
  • Spring Snowflake Flower – Masaki Kawasaki
  • They Seem Like Blossoms Yet… – Air Carrier
  • Valle De Los Caidos – Triodust
  • Yoake o matsu kimi no uta – TAKU1175

We enjoyed our time with VOEZ, concluding in our review: “With plentiful content in a range of energetic music styles, VOEZ astounds and enchants in equal measure to deliver a rhythm game that deserves your attention.”

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