Vivendi Secures 61.71 Percent Stake In Gameloft

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Vivendi has announced that they now hold 61.71 percent of Gameloft’s share capital, securing 55.61 percent voting rights.

The media and content group has been clear in their objective to seize ownership of Ubisoft and has since targeted the mobile outfit.

That has seen the company acquire 28,155,587 shares, the preliminary outcome from a public tender offer which French securities regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) published today. The final results will be published before Thursday 2nd June 2016.

Vivendi will now look to appoint a majority on the Gameloft Board of Directors, which will see the precise number and identities of its candidates determined at the Gameloft Annual Shareholders’ Meeting which is to be held on 29th June 2016.

“We are convinced that Gameloft, with Vivendi’s backing, can be more ambitious in its growth plans,” Vivendi shared in a message to Gameloft employees. “In a rapidly-evolving market, your company, which needs industrial and financial backing to develop, will be able to count on our full support and commitment.”

“Our Group has demonstrated its expertise in supporting and developing talent. You will now take part in a great collective adventure as Vivendi pursues its ambitious redeployment in content and media. In carrying out this plan, we will rely above all on your talents and creative freedom.”

Gameloft were responsible for Nintendo DSiWare titles such as Earthworm Jim, Rayman, and Guitar Rock Tour, as well as Nintendo 3DS launch title Asphalt 3D. In more recent years, they have shifted focus to concentrate on producing games for the smart device market.

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