Vigil Games: Wii U “on par” with current generation

Vigil Games have expressed that the Wii U is currently performing “on par” with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“So far the [Wii U] hardware’s been on par with what we have with the current generations,” Marvin Donald, game director on Darksiders II, discussed with Game Reactor. “Based on what I understand, the resolution and textures and polycounts and all that stuff, we’re not going to being doing anything to up-res the game, but we’ll take advantage of the controller for sure”.

He continued, stating that the Wii U’s tablet controller had “been great to work with”.

“Now it’s just down to deciding what we really want to do to make it a unique experience on the Wii U; taking advantage of the extra screen and the touch capability and all that,” Donald explained. “So, we’ll have a few new features for sure, but I think visually, for the most part, it’ll be pretty much the same”.

Darksiders II is confirmed as a launch title for the Wii U, which releases later this year.

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