VGX share nominees for 2013’s Best Nintendo Game

VGX, Spike TV’s revamped Video Game Awards show, have shared their nominees for 2013’s Best Nintendo Game.

An advisory council comprised of indie veterans made their choice, with four Wii U titles selected for you to choose between. Those nominees, and the reasoning behind their selection, are as follows:

* Pikmin 3
“Pikmin 3 proves good things come to those who wait. While the Wii U didn’t get Michael, Trevor and Franklin, they did get Alph, Brittany and Charlie. These juice fiends bring an alien world to life, with an RTS game you won’t find anywhere else. Multiplayer challenge modes, leaderboards and DLC, somehow makes being stranded on a vicious planet seem like the perfect getaway.”

* Rayman Legends
“Rayman Legends twinkles on other platforms, but on the Wii U it shines. The GamePad provides the experience we crave on the second screen, highlighting the genius of Murfy. Musical levels, unlockable challenges, and other oddities make Legends endearing as it is wonderfully weird.”

* Super Mario 3D World
“Super Mario 3D World features the Bros. and friends straddling the dimensions. It’s the most evocative Mario game around, but never falls into self-reflection with tons of original ideas, and creative levels and challenges. The simple act of jumping on a flagpole to clawing your way to a secret via the new Cat Suit, Mario proves he’s not out of ideas.”

* The Wonderful 101
“The Wonderful 101 asks you to relive your dreams of being in a Saturday morning cartoon. As the most elite and numerous heroes around it’s your job to coordinate fantastic attacks, drawing both power and symbols to defeat every and any evil. No need to wait for Bayonetta 2, the Wii U channels that Platinum magic with The Wonderful 101.”

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