Valley Leaps With Incredible Speed On Nintendo Switch In March

Valley Screenshot

Blue Isle Studios has announced that Valley will release on Nintendo Switch next month, a first-person adventure game that they promise is “unlike any other.”

After finding yourself hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains in a secluded valley, you will come to rely on your L.E.A.F. (Leap Effortlessly through Air Functionality) suit to run and jump your way through forests, ruins, and vast environments.

More than that, you have the power to give and take life from any living thing – with which you will uncover the startling secrets about the mysterious valley. However, they have daunting consequences. The more that you die in the game, the more that the valley will die off around you.

Beware of your new-found abilities as they come with daunting consequences: the more you experience death within the valley, the more the valley will die off around you.

Valley will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 7th priced at $19.99.

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