Unreal Engine 4 Now Has Fully-Featured Native Nintendo Switch Support


After Unreal Engine 4.15 had introduced “experimental” support for Nintendo Switch, Unreal Engine 4.16 has now delivered “fully-featured native support.”

Epic Games has teamed up with Nintendo, which has allowed them to release the full Unreal Engine 4 source code for the portable console to approved developers for free.

The team has also opened a private Nintendo Switch discussion board for those that have been approved, to report and help them work through any issues that they may encounter.

For those looking to get involved, Epic Games has outlined the below guidelines on how to get started:

  1. Become an approved Nintendo Switch developer at: https://developer.nintendo.com/.
  2. Complete the Console Development Request UE4 form. If you’re already accessing Unreal Engine 4 through a custom license or direct evaluation, email your Epic licensing contact for more information.
  3. Once your Nintendo Switch developer status has been confirmed, Epic will send you an electronic Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) via DocuSign. Once it’s signed, you’ll receive an email containing instructions for accessing UE4 code and tools for Nintendo Switch.
  4. You’ll also gain access to the exclusive UE4 Nintendo Switch forum to interact with the new community.
  5. Once you’ve received source access, you’ll need to compile the code for the Nintendo Switch platform.
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