Unreal Engine 4.15 Introduces “Experimental” Nintendo Switch Support


Epic Games has added early support for developing games for Nintendo Switch in their Unreal Engine 4.15 release.

The integrated tool suite helps game developers design and build games, simulations, and visualisations, providing all features, platforms, source code, and more entirely free of charge. Developers must then pay a five percent royalty fee after the first $3,000 revenue that they earn per game each quarter.

“Unreal Engine 4.15 includes significant gains in overall stability, enhancements to developer workflows, and improvements to runtime performance resulting in greater efficiency during development and superior end user experiences after release,” Epic Games state in their impeccably detailed release notes.

“We have partnered with Nintendo to help Unreal Engine 4 developers bring their games to Nintendo Switch! We have added early support for developing games for the Nintendo Switch console. It is still considered experimental in this release. We plan for it to be in a shippable state in the next release.”

Other additions in the release include physically based default post-processing settings, improved texture streaming, cooking blueprints to C++, faster C++ compile times, UI blur rects, material editor reroute nodes, sequencer animation blending, and more.

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on Friday 3rd March, priced at £279.99 ($299.99).

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