How to unlock all Mario Kart 8 characters


Mario Kart 8’s requirements for unlocking all characters are far less time consuming than those of earlier games in the karting series.

While Mario Kart Wii required players to unlock Time Trials, achieve Star Ranks and conquer Expert Staff Ghost Data, the new Wii U iteration eases such burden by quickening access to the complete character roster.

All that you need to do is win any Cup in Grand Prix mode across 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror 150cc for the first time, with confirmation that you have unlocked a new character popping up on the results screen.

The complete list of unlockable characters are:
* Baby Rosalina
* Iggy
* Lakitu
* Larry
* Lemmy
* Ludwig
* Metal Mario
* Mii
* Morton
* Pink Gold Peach
* Rosalina
* Roy
* Toadette
* Wendy

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