Unleash Your Ninja-Cat Reflexes In Claws Of Furry On Nintendo Switch

Claws of Furry Screenshot

Terahard Studios has announced that Claws of Furry will release on Nintendo Switch, a rogue-like, co-op action game where players must punch and scratch their way through enemies to rescue their Master from the evil claws of an unknown boss.

It promises to blend today’s fast-paced action with classic beat’em up carnage, with players making their way through fifty levels of catastrophic mayhem that take place four distinct environments.

With multiple modes such as Rogue-like and Arena, only those with unstoppable ninja-cat reflexes will unlock every outfit that lend the player unique bonuses.

The Pussycat mode will let you tackle the game with checkpoints in every level, but players will still need a keen eye and to hone their feline ninja skills to survive the journey. And, thankfully, with local co-op, it means that up to four players can unleash their collective fury to defeat their enemies.

Claws of Furry will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

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