Unleash The Hordes In Crimson Dawn On Nintendo Switch

Crimson Dawn Logo

Gameforge and Purple Lake have announced that the dark fantasy roguelite Crimson Dawn will release on Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

To be released under its new IndieForge publishing label, you will have the chance to pit your auto-attacking protagonist against increasingly difficult waves of enemies that continuously change across different maps.

You will be able to unlock new characters and weapons and watch your loot accumulate in what is pitched as a “satisfying Vampire Survivors-like,” where big risks mean bigger rewards.

After overcoming challenges you may retire at the Inn, where you can spend your resources on new characters’ abilities or weapon upgrades to help you to topple even stronger bosses.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Kill Thousands of Creatures Without a Single Click: All weapons and spells attack automatically, so all you have to do is avoid enemies and try to survive.
  • Freedom of Choice: You decide how many quests you want to take on and what you’re willing to risk. More quests mean stronger monsters—or maybe even bosses—but also better loot.
  • Rest in the Hub: This is your home and the only place to take a breather between battles. Rest at the Inn, visit the Blacksmith, or exchange resources at the Market.
  • Character Development: During fights, you earn materials and coins. Use them to get new abilities, upgrade weapons, or even unlock new characters. Each quest you complete will earn you even more resources. Every weapon in the game has its own upgrade tree, as well as its own game mechanics.

Crimson Dawn will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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