Unity Developers Can Now Use Immersion’s TouchSense Force Haptic Lab


After news that the company had signed a multi-year agreement with Nintendo to adapt its TouchSense technology for Nintendo Switch, Immersion has extended its TouchSense Force solution to developers using the Unity engine.

With the TouchSense Force Haptic Lab, developers now have the chance to easily design and integrate high-quality touch effects into their games to leverage every capability that the Nintendo Switch presents.

It also promises to allow developers to adopt faster, real-time workflows for designing, testing, feeling and integrating haptics into their games, as well as to maximise haptic capabilities of game controllers – including TouchSense Force technology-enabled peripherals.

“Since more games are made with Unity than with any other game technology, expanding our TouchSense Force solution to be compatible with Unity adds [a] tremendous opportunity for those developing games on this industry-leading platform,” shares Chris Ullrich, vice president of user experience and analytics at Immersion.

“Developers can make their games much more engaging through the power of touch, including those for the wildly popular Nintendo Switch system.”

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