Unearth Adventures In RandoMine On Nintendo Switch

RandoMine Logo

Blowfish Studios and Bitmap Galaxy have announced that RandoMine will release on Nintendo Switch next year.

After consuming a seemingly innocent drink at the prestigious Celestial Tavern to celebrate their promotion to demigods, an otherwise deserving group of heroes inadvertently release chaotic Randos into the world and destroy the ancient tavern. The wise and powerful Innkeeper revokes the heroes’ promotions and transforms one into a donkey, only to be restored once the tavern has been completely repaired.

In this 2D dwarven roguelite platformer, you must travel the lands and descend into the treacherous underground to secure much-needed funds. Putting Kromp’s rock-solid pickaxe, Loppathia’s trusty shovel or Praask’s fast-acting drill to use, you must conquer three biomes – surviving for as long as you can.

Death is not the end, seeing the heroes respawn at the game’s hub where they can spend gold to upgrade their weaponry, use healing springs to rejuvenate themselves, gather supplies, pet the donkey and more before pressing on until the tavern is repaired.

“RandoMine is a fun, vibrant game that can be enjoyed for hours on end,” explains BitMap Galaxy game designer Alexander Buzgó. “Heroes can choose which character they want to embody and change it up encounter after encounter, keeping every individual run fresh and exciting.”

RandoMine will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2023.

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