UnderDungeon Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

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RedDeer.Games and Josyan have announced that UnderDungeon will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

Pitched as “a peculiar adventure based on the classic dungeon crawlers,” you play as Kimuto who must face the harsh world of work on his first day on the job as a delivery guy.

After monsters appeared and threatened their community, the lives of those who lived in Kutopia radically changed. Heroes emerged who try to hunt down such creatures who work with others to resist them, while others are determined to survive as best they can.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • New Job, New Challenges: As a cute cat Kimuto, face the harsh world of work on your first day of the new job as a delivery guy. Sounds easy? Nothing more wrong! There are a whole bunch of monsters and bosses to defeat, and secrets to discover. But fear not! Along the way, you will meet many charismatic allies and you’ll engage into a great adventure!
  • There’s A Lot To Discover Ahead: UnderDungeon it’s an astonishing and clever combination of classic RPG games with mechanics and levels from other genres. You’ll traverse the dungeons, fight fearsome enemies, acquire new, powerful items and solve simple puzzles. But also there are waiting for you arcade stages to test your skills, rhythm sections, and even… Levels in full 3D! Intrigued? The rest you’ll have to discover by yourself!
  • The Old And The New: The game is made by Josyan Team, previously involved in working on games like Tamiku, Zerotopian Invasion or Alex Kidd in MW remake. UD is a project that pays tribute to the classics of games of its genre, like Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet or Dragon Quest. The classic formula is combined here with many modern solutions, but the game never loses its nostalgic spirit. If you’re a fan of the old hits, you’ll feel at home right away!
  • Audiovisual Retro Feast: UnderDungeon immediately grabs your attention with simple yet polished and beautiful 1-bit visuals. The developers have made an effort to make the graphics clear and full of small details and effects. The whole is complemented by a refined sound design with rhythmic, catchy music and luscious sound effects. The rest… We leave it to your imagination!

UnderDungeon will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 13th January 2023.

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