Uncover The Truth In Forest Grove On Nintendo Switch

Forest Grove Logo

Blowfish Studios and Miga Games have announced that their sci-fi crime mystery puzzler Forest Grove is coming to Nintendo Switch.

After Mary Kunstimatigaard’s teenage step-daughter disappears, Forest Grove Police call in the Remote Forensic Bureau (RFB) to investigate her whereabouts.

Using revolutionary nano-technology, you must search for clues using a Nanodeck recreation of the Kunstimatigaard’s beautiful Victorian estate. Safely analysing this cloned crime scene, you must collect evidence from the most unsuspecting places and to decipher puzzles to unlock secrets and uncover hidden rooms.

You will need to examine audio and visual echoes of the past using Biotraces to see what transpired on the day that her step-daughter vanished, adding the evidence that you recover to the clue board in an effort to make connections, narrow down persons of interest and ultimately crack the case.

As you conclude each investigation session in the Nanodeck, you will be given a performance grade from your higher-ups at the RFB. Succeed and bring justice to the family, or fail, and be forced to tell a grieving mother her step-daughter may be gone forever.

“Forest Grove is a thrilling mystery we hope all crime addicts will sink their teeth into,” explains Miga Games lead developer Larry Johnson. “Our futuristic sci-fi approach to forensics allows investigators to get creative with their clue hunting tactics and adds more depth to classic detective gameplay.”

Forest Grove will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2022.

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