Unchained Blades confirmed for January release

unchained blades

Unchained Blades will be released through the Nintendo eShop across North America in January, XSEED Games have confirmed.

The dungeon-crawling RPG, developed by FuRyu, was previously released across Japan as UnchainBlades ReXX, and sees players navigate a monster-filled world in a first-person perspective.

With a story penned by Grandia series veteran Takashi Hino, it follows the vengeful Dragon Emperor, Fang, as his powers are stripped by the goddess Clunea. He embarks on a journey for revenge, hoping to regain his true form. Along the way, he is joined by a cowardly golem prince, a shy medusa priestess, a young phoenix clan maiden, and many other mythical beings seeking to meet with the goddess.

The game is directed by the Lunar series’ Toshio Akashi, with collaborative character design from Pako (Shining Force), Toshiyuki Kubooka (Lunar), Shinichiro Otsuka (Summon Night), and Kazushi Hagiwara (B*stard!!).

Players form a party of up to four characters, engaging in turn-based combat as they traverse dungeons. The “Unchain” system allows you to try and convince monsters to join you on your quest, and, if successful, will block attacks or supply players with offensive abilities.

Unchained Blades will be available across North America through the Nintendo eShop on January 3rd 2013, priced at $29.99.

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