Uncertainty Cast Over Project Giant Robot’s Future

project giant robot

Nintendo’s incomparable Shigeru Miyamoto shared two concepts that he had developed at E3 2014, having explored ways in which the Wii U GamePad and TV screen could be used simultaneously.

One, Project Guard, saw players defend their base from waves of attacking robots with turret-mounted cameras, and has since been completed as Star Fox Guard. But Nintendo has yet to decide what to do, if anything, with the other – Project Giant Robot.

“In Project Giant Robot you get into a cockpit of the robot and use your arms and body to fight the enemies just like sumo wrestling,” Miyamoto had shared about the concept at the time.

Speaking with TIME this past month, the celebrated game designer shared an update: “Project Giant Robot was something we started as a second project, and unfortunately we haven’t yet decided to turn that into a full game.

“But Project Guard was something that even at E3 2014 was loosely set in the Star Fox universe. Project Guard we’ve been working on simultaneously, and we’ve actually completed the game, and it’s now titled Star Fox Guard.”

Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will launch exclusively for Wii U in Japan on April 21st, and worldwide on April 22nd.

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