Unannounced Skylander Appears On 2017 Skylanders Wall Calendar


We know that a new Skylanders game is on the way later in the year, as well as a new TV series being produced at Activision Blizzard Studios.

Thanks to a product listing for the 2017 Skylanders Wall Calendar, we may have caught our first glimpse at a new Skylander that will join the next adventure across Skylands.

The unrecognised character appears in the lower-left of the calendar’s cover and has its own dedicated month, and, by all accounts, looks like an armoured Emperor Penguin. Armed with rather fierce metallic claws, there is a clear Water Element symbol on the character’s armour chest piece.

With E3 2016 fast approaching, we are likely to hear about the next Skylanders adventure soon enough, and we certainly can’t wait to play as this new character!


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