Ultimate Summer Delivers Blood-Soaked Tower Defence On Nintendo Switch

Ultimate Summer Logo

Ultimate Games and Asmodev have revealed that their “blood-soaked tower defence” game Ultimate Summer is in development for Nintendo Switch.

After a retired butcher heads to ZOO Island with the hope of having a quiet vacation, the game’s unusual hero accidentally falls into conflict with the forces of Heaven, Hell, purgatory, Cthulhu, carnivores and aliens.

The experience has looked to combine “elements of classic shooters and tower defence games” with a focus on single-player mayhem that will see you gather resources, set traps and build towers with the developer looking to deliver “the bloodiest tower defense game in history.”

“We wanted to create a painfully generic tower defence title,” explains game creator Mim. “In part, we’ve succeeded, because it is indeed an old chestnut of a game. In part, we haven’t, because it tastes fresh and bloody. It’s because we’ve also added mechanics typical for other genres. Gathering resources, a selection of weapons to choose from, shops, skill development, Heaven, Hell, aliens, blood…

“It’s a low-budget release available at a fair, low price. Ultimate Summer was born out of the fascination with Castle Fight, a mod for Warcraft III. We’re not very creative, so we just stole some of the solutions, in tribute to the original devs.”

Ultimate Summer will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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