Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Switch Release Delayed Into 2022

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Logo

Ultimate Games and MasterCode have confirmed that Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 has been delayed on Nintendo Switch into 2022.

Their ambition for the sequel has resulted in the team requiring more development time, who are already looking to offer “vastly improved” graphics, a third-person view and new dynamic water and fish AI systems.

“Our goal is to set new standards when it comes to fishing simulators. Work on Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 has already suffered some delays, which is simply due to the fact that we want to deliver the game in the highest possible quality,” explains Ultimate Games COO Rafal Jelonek.

“The new instalment will significantly differ from the first one. We are preparing many different improvements and completely new elements. In a nutshell – Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 includes, among others, vastly improved graphics, additional third-person perspective mode (TPP), as well as new dynamic water and fish AI systems.

“When creating Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 we did not concentrate solely on avid fishing enthusiasts. We are working on two game modes – one of them will be simplified and aimed at new players, including those who have not had any contact with fishing before.”

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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