UK newspaper publishes reader letter that mocks their game violence coverage

Metro 001

Following coverage regarding the widely discussed issues regarding violence within videogames within free UK newspaper Metro this week, reader Matthew Higgins, from Birmingham, wrote a rather humorous email in which he shared his thoughts on the matter.

Having objectified that perhaps Mario Kart was to blame for his impulses in wanting to throw banana skins in the way of passing cars on his drive home earlier that week, it is all too clear that Higgins dismisses any credibility within the article that Metro published.

“I disagree with your correspondents who argue that computer games are not the sole cause of today’s violence problems,” Higgins began. “Just the other day, after playing Mario Kart, I bought some bananas and while driving home I started to throw the skins at passing cars in an attempt to make them spin out of control.”

He continued, “I can’t help but think that had Mario Kart been awarded an 18 certificate, I may have thought twice before behaving in such an immature and dangerous manner.”

It is a surprise, perhaps, that Metro went on to publish such a letter, yet at least it shows the newspaper is open to a little humour on occasion. In any case, we all feel the same way after a bout on Mario Kart… don’t we?!

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