UK Mario Kart 7 tournament now live

mario kart 71

Nintendo UK have confirmed that the Mario Kart 7 tournament announced last week is now live.

Nintendo 3DS owners are invited to head to the track, where they’ll compete in regional communities as they aim to gain a a place within the Grand Final, due to be held in Birmingham on October 27th.

The individual Mario Kart 7 community codes are as follows:

* England Male 22-8621-2193-5796
* England Female 00-3908-5304-3156
* Northern Ireland Male 17-8413-0516-6834
* Northern Ireland Female 05-2312-8118-5810
* Republic of Ireland Male 31-3618-6221-4712
* Republic of Ireland Female 37-3447-5165-8069
* Scotland Male 29-3861-7725-8599
* Scotland Female 22-0288-9828-0578
* Wales Male 31-7441-1430-4576
* Wales Female 38-7234-3616-0603

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