UK Gulps Down Kirby Star Allies To Make It The Most Successful Launch In Series History

Kirby Star Allies Launch Artwork

The pink puffball’s arrival on Nintendo Switch has been met with much excitement in the United Kingdom, where Kirby Star Allies has broken records to become the most successful launch for the Nintendo mascot in the 22-year history of the series.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive entered in second place in the all-format chart, with only Burnout Paradise Remastered lapping it to take the top spot.

GfK Chart-Track adds that Kirby Star Allies had outperformed the first week sales for Kirby Triple Deluxe and Kirby Planet Robobot on Nintendo 3DS, which jointly held the highest records for the action-platformer series.

We enjoyed our chance to restore peace to Dream Land, concluding in our Kirby Star Allies review: “Entertaining but lacking the challenge that many will crave, it’s hard not to come away from playing Kirby Star Allies with a mixed opinion. With impeccably polished visuals but uncomplex stages to overcome, this short-lived adventure in Dream Land has much room for improvement which we can only hope the pink puffball’s next outing will deliver on.”

Kirby Star Allies is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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