Uggie becomes Nintendo’s first official ‘spokesdog’

Uggie Nintendogs

Hoping to sprinkle a little Hollywood magic, Nintendo of America have announced that they have teamed up with Uggie, the exceptionally talented Jack Russell terrier who is the canine co-star of Golden Globe winner, and BAFTA and Academy Awards nominee, The Artist.

Uggie will become Nintendo’s first-ever ‘spokesdog’, spreading the word about the interactive fun of Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS.

With February celebrating ‘Responsible Pet Owners Month’, Uggie will lend a paw to show exactly how the game includes valuable tips on how pet owners can maintain happy, healthy relationships with their furry friends in real life.

He’ll appear alongside his owner Omar Von Muller to promote Nintendogs + Cats and the previously released Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS model.

“Uggie didn’t have to sit up and beg for his role as Nintendo’s spokesdog”, comments Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

“It’s truly our pleasure to work with a star of Uggie’s magnitude, especially to help animal lovers and portable gaming fans discover the fun of Nintendogs + Cats”.

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