UDON to distribute ‘The History of Sonic the Hedgehog’ book

the history of sonic the hedgehog

SEGA’s celebrated mascot will become the centrepiece of a publication chronicling the history of his existence, as UDON and Pix’n Love Publishing announce plans to release The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This 300-page hardcover book will be available across North America in September and is a true labour of love by all involved, Pix’n Love Publishing having previously partnered with SEGA of Japan to produce the original French edition earlier in the year.

The new UDON Edition includes all the same great content, covering every 2D and 3D game in the series as well as each spin-off, crossover or rare cameo appearances by Sonic throughout the gaming universe. Fans can also look forward to a detailed history, character profiles, promotional art, game packages, and rare concept art.

No plans have yet been announced regarding Europe, although importing will surely prove a popular option.

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