Ubisoft want Splinter Cell to be “as big as James Bond”


Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s creative director Maxime Beland hopes that Ubisoft can make the franchise “as big as James Bond.”

Part of such ambition can be attributed to the Splinter Cell movie that is currently in production, with Beland believing that protagonist Sam Fisher is suitably “a great hero.”

“Ha–you know what, I don’t think about it in that way. It’s the opposite for me,” Beland responded, asked by GamesRadar as to whether Ubisoft would consider developing the next James Bond game.

“I really want Splinter Cell to have an amazing movie franchise and to be as big as James Bond. There are some great Bond movies, and they’re obviously a big point of reference for us.

“At the same time, I’m so hungry for a good Splinter Cell movie. I know we’re developing one now, and that people are responding to it. Sam Fisher is a great hero–he’s interesting, he’s different–and the brand has some really iconic images like the three-light goggles.

“The Splinter Cell world is just so interesting, so yeah, I think it deserves a great movie.”

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