Ubisoft titles hitting Wii U Nintendo eShop as soon as possible

wii u eshop design1

Ubisoft will ensure that their software for Wii U is made available to download through the Nintendo eShop as soon as possible.

“It’s a good system,” Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot stated. “As soon as it’s possible, we will do it.”

Whilst not all consumers would want to purchase digital copies, Guillemot explained that it is something that more people are beginning to ask for.

Ubisoft are also in discussion with retailers as to whether they could sell codes that allow you to download full retail software, alongside physical copies.

“It’s something we are discussing with the different retailers because we think sometimes when people go to the shop they want to get information on what game to buy and also how to play it and so on,” Guillemot said.

“So the retailers are really bringing something that can help them sell the right games so they have a good experience.”

[Thanks Polygon]

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