Ubisoft Confident Nintendo NX Will “Recapture” Wii Audience


Ubisoft became the first third-party publisher to openly share their early support for Nintendo NX this week, announcing that Just Dance 2017 would come to the new “dedicated game platform.”

Ubisoft brought ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Rayman Legends and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist to Wii U, but their support waned after the console’s sales failed to find any momentum.

“We have always appreciated the relationship with Nintendo, the co-creation and the fact that they are really concentrating on quality – they have fantastic brands,” Ubisoft EMEA executive director Alain Corre told MCV.

“And they are addressing the family market in a very different way, their own way, which we appreciate. We have done a lot of products and successes with Nintendo in the past, and we believe that the NX will recapture a lot the lapsed Wii players. So we will see when they release it, but we are confident.”

His comments seemingly indicate that Nintendo are to continue their blue ocean strategy, differentiating their products in comparison to Microsoft and Sony in order to look toward opening up new market space.

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