Ubisoft making Watch_Dogs on Wii U “the best version it can be”


Now that Ubisoft have wrapped up development on Watch_Dogs across all other platforms, they are now “fully focused” on making sure that they make their Wii U counterpart “the best version it can be.”

That’s according to story designer Kevin Shortt, who, whilst not involved with the port, seeks to assure that it won’t be rushed after it was met with an unexpected delay earlier this year.

“Right now [the Wii U version is] currently being done, but I’m not directly involved,” Shortt clarified with Red Bull.

“We wanted to finish all the platforms that we are currently shipping. We needed those guys to get [the shipping versions] finished, and the good news now is that they’re all fully focused on the Wii U version, making sure it gets the attention it deserves to make it the best version it can be.”

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  1. first off its not a port it is its own version of the game as ubisoft has already said. next yes it will be the best it can be.

    1. The Wii U isn’t the lead platform for development, and so existing assets are being ported over. The only differentiator will be Wii U GamePad integration, but they haven’t as yet been clear on that.

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