Ubisoft Has “Surprises” In Store For Nintendo NX


Ubisoft was the first third-party publisher to openly share their support for Nintendo NX, and have since continued to share their high hopes in that it stands a chance at recapturing a casual audience.

Just Dance 2017 was the only game that was announced for the “dedicated game platform.” at E3 2016, but now Ubisoft EMEA executive director Alain Corre has shared that the publisher has “other surprises” in store beyond this.

“We announced that we’re developing Just Dance [2017] for NX and we have other surprises that we will announce later, but we also believe Nintendo has the power to reinvent the way families are playing,” Corre explained to GamesIndustry.biz.

“Nintendo is a fantastic powerhouse of brands that are really cherished by a lot of fans and families… I am still impressed by the reoccurrence of success and appetite even today for the Nintendo franchises on the current system.”

One project that was rumoured to have become a Nintendo NX exclusive was Beyond Good & Evil 2, and rumblings that Ubisoft had made a move to silence.

It emerged last week that Nintendo NX could be a portable, handheld console that has detachable controllers, with a price point that will be “cheaper than even the vast majority expect.”

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