Ubisoft announce Child of Light for Wii U


Promised to be a “re-imagining of classic fairytales,” Ubisoft have announced plans to release Child of Light for Wii U next year.

Currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal, the Nintendo eShop-destined release is being crafted by a small team of developers using the publisher’s UbiArt Framework.

You’ll play as Aurora, a child stolen from her home who must secure the sun, moon and stars being help captive by the Queen of the Night. Your companion Igniculus the firefly, as well as several allies, will help her face her darkest fears as players will quest across the magical painted world of Lemuria – across which players will uncover mysteries and tackle foes in turn-by-turn combat that is inspired by classic JRPGs.

“Ubisoft’s strengths include its diversity and the freedom it gives its creative teams,” explains Ubisoft creative director Patrick Plourde. “We want Child of Light to be like a playable poem, a love letter to art and video games.”

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