Typhoon Jebi Damages Nintendo Logo On Company’s Kyoto Headquarters

Typhoon Jebi Nintendo Logo

Those that live in Japan are currently enduring the deadly Typhoon Jebi, the most powerful storm that the country has been hit with in 25 years and has, sadly, already killed at least 10 people and injured 300 people.

The storm has flooded runways at Kansai airport, torn off roofs, overturned vehicles, cut power to certain areas and damaged other infrastructure, but an unlikely (and admittedly far more trivial) casualty is the Nintendo logo that hangs on the company’s headquarters in Kyoto.

As Japanese Twitter user nicoryuuga spotted earlier today, the ‘N’ has been ripped from the side of the building to leave the company’s name as ‘intendo.’

The storm, which has recorded wind speeds of up to 216km/h, has now passed over mainland Japan with its predicted path now carrying it towards Russia.

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