Two-Button Metroidvania Necrosphere Deluxe Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Necrosphere Deluxe Screenshot

UNTIES and Cat Nigiri have announced that Necrosphere Deluxe will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a retro adventure-platformer with minimalist controls.

After super-secret agent Terry Cooper dies on a failed mission, he awakens in The Necrosphere. This afterlife in which he finds himself is packed with dangerous obstacles, devious traps and deadly enemies, that, together, look to prevent him from escaping.

With frequent respawn points, you will come to rely on a jetpack, gravity bubbles and other game-changing items to evade them and return to the Normalsphere, with the game using a two-button control scheme.

“We designed Necrosphere Deluxe to challenge the masters of super-hard platformers while being approachable for people new to the genre,” explains Cat Nigiri founder Caio Lopez.

“Necrosphere Deluxe’s simple controls and bite-sized but devilish trials will help new players improve their skills while simultaneously presenting hardcore platformer fans with the most difficult game they will ever play with two buttons.”

Necrosphere Deluxe will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on January 31st, priced at $9.99.

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