Twitch Prime Announced At TwitchCon 2016


Twitch Prime has been announced at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego, a new premium experience that is included with Amazon Prime.

Members will receive free game loot every month, with early examples including instant access to new Hearthstone hero Tyrande Whisperwind or new indie game Streamline. They will also receive discounts on newly released boxed games sold by Amazon, whether that be in the pre-order period or within the first two weeks after the game launches.

As for Twitch itself, those that link their Amazon Prime account to their Twitch account can enjoy “an ad-free viewing experience, exclusive emotes and chat badge, and one free channel subscription every 30 days.”

Once a Twitch Prime member uses their free channel subscription, the streamer that they have chosen will be paid as with any other subscription. The streaming service hopes that this will help members support the streamers that they enjoy most.

Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime, which, for those that haven’t already subscribed, has a free 30-day trial. Beyond this, it is priced at £7.99 ($10.99) per month. For more regional pricing, check the details here.

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