Turtle Tale making waves toward a Wii U release


With Saturnine Games having indicated that Turtle Tale was still on track for spring, we thought that we wouldn’t hear any more about the 3DS destined Nintendo eShop title until a solidified release date.

Now, in a rather interesting reveal, developer Ed Di Geronimo has revealed that he has begun porting the title across to Wii U. Whilst too early to even guess at a release date, he shared some thoughts on his experiences with the console.

“Early thoughts on Wii U dev… the system is really, really easy to develop for. Took about a week to get the 3DS game running on it”, he discussed. “Also rather impressed with the architecture of the Wii U. No obvious trouble spots. Seems very well balanced”.

Despite such positive experiences, he explained that his gut was that he will still focus on 3DS development moving forward, although porting to Wii U will always remain a strong possibility for the future due to ease.

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  1. What’s that I hear? Great balanced tech, very easy to develop for? I love the indie scene. That’s where new and exciting talent comes from. 3rd parties publishers are becoming more and more pathetic.

  2. I have to agree with you RoseRage. There seems to be some disparity between what indie studios and edge-riding studios like Slightly Mad have to say about Wii U and what big “triple-A” studios have been saying. I choose to chalk this up to one of three possibilities.

    1. Triple A devs have become lazy.
    2. Triple A devs have not stayed up to date on programming practices/trends
    3. Triple A devs have been paid off.

    Of course, it could be any combination of these, but I really can’t think of a single other reason for the irresponsibility triple A’s are showing regarding Wii U.

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