Turn-Based Tactical RPG Battle Brothers Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2020

Battle Brothers Logo

UKIYO Publishing and Overhype Studios have revealed that Battle Brothers will release on Nintendo Switch.

This procedurally-generated turn-based tactical RPG will see you gather your own mercenary gang in a gritty, medieval fantasy world.

It is your choice who you hire, where you go, which contracts you accept, and how to manage your private militia. Success will require “blood, sweat and tears” as you balance your budget and equip your crew in this unforgiving world.

In battle, you will position your characters, with the different weapons that they can wield having different advantages and disadvantages. Axes can split shields, maces can stun enemies, spears can be used to form a phalanx, and war-hammers can crush enemy armour.

You will need to be careful, however, as everything in Battle Brothers is permanent. If you lose a soldier they are gone forever, and if your mercenary gang is defeated it is game over.

“Battle Brothers was a big success for us on PC thanks to our passionate and supportive community that offered us loads of useful feedback,” explains Jan Taaks from Overhype Studios.

“Among other things a Switch version of the game was kept being requested to allow Battle Brothers to be played on the go. In addition, we can now bring our challenging, hardcore strategy game to a whole new audience on the Switch!”

UKIYO Publishing’s Martin Hann adds: “When we first saw Battle Brothers we were instantly in love with it and were really hoping that we could port it to Switch for a whole new audience.

“We love both tactics titles and gaming on the go, so this was a match made in heaven… only with a lot more decapitations.” 

Battle Brothers will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2020.

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  1. I have still not seen it in the eshop and have looked for it off and on the last few months. Is there something I’m missing or has it still not been released yet? If not, is there a new estimated release date?

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