Turn-Based Tactical Folktale Howl Coming To Nintendo Switch

Howl Key Art

Mipumi has announced that its turn-based tactical folktale Howl will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Set in Medieval times, you are alone in a world that has been terrorised by a plague that turns people into wolves.

The developer has used “living ink” to create the game’s visuals, a flowing art style “that paints the story as you play.”

You must rely on your weapons and your wits to survive, planning up to six steps in advance in an effort to outmanoeuvre your opponents – plotting out your attack also crafting your own prophecy and weaving a continuous piece of scripture during the fight.

“Howl is a game inspired by central European folktales, with a unique painterly aesthetic to match,” explains Mipumi CEO Gregor Eigner. “The original concept was born during Mipumi Day, our monthly prototyping session. After The Lion’s Song and The Flower Collectors, we wanted to try creating a very mechanics-driven game this time.

“To make it feel truly unique, we developed the living ink technology which we spent months on researching and refining. It posed a technical challenge, but we’re really proud to show it off. Howl is shaping up to be something very special.”

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Foretell the actions of your enemies in tactical, turn-based combat
  • Beautifully illustrated in a unique, living ink artstyle
  • Unlock and upgrade new skills like shadow step, exploding shot and more
  • Save villagers from the claws – or howl – of the wolves
  • Play through 60 levels in 4 chapters
  • Plot your route on the world map and pick your battles wisely

Howl will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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