Turn-Based RPG Stolen Realm Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Burst2Flame has announced that its simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG Stolen Realm will release on Nintendo Switch.

Set in a high fantasy world, you will control up to six heroes – whether that be solo or through online co-op – with “an innovative turn-based combat system where simultaneous turns allow every team to take their actions at once, creating quick combat encounters that blend the tactical depth of titles like Divinity: Original Sin with the thrill of a fast-paced action RPG.”

Each battle will scale based on the number of players involved, and the “highly customisable” class system will let you create traditional RPG classes or forge a unique champion of your own from hundreds of possible skills – whether that be a spell-slinging assassin, a priest born of frost or a shadow-infused knight.

Further customisation comes from earning and reforging loot that will change the way you play, such as Abbadon the Soul Crusher which is a mythic mace that raises slain enemies as skeletal warriors to fight for you, or the Bloodletter, which is a cursed sword that grants additional power at the cost of your lifeblood.

“We hope players enjoy the new content we’ve released today in the World Map Update and can’t wait for the full release of Stolen Realm on PC, Xbox and Switch in Q2 2023,” enthuses developer Jason Jolley.

“Our goal with Stolen Realm is to focus on the core appeal of RPGs. We want to ensure players are always in combat, looting and making interesting choices, with the freedom to drop-in with friends whenever they want thanks to automatic scaling. It’s been a real pleasure to see how well that concept has connected with our community during the Early Access phase and we’re looking forward to more people being able to experience the game come release.”

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Play solo or with friends in up to 6 player online co-op, allowing you and your friends to wreak havoc amongst your foes
  • Experience thrilling and fast-paced turn-based battles thanks to a simultaneous team turn system
  • Use over 300 skills in 9 distinct skill trees allowing for complete and flexible character customization
  • Navigate hex-based battlefields where positioning is key due to battle shrines with special effects, exploding barrels and movable crates
  • Find and loot over 700 unique items, fully customizable with modifiers, as you explore a wonderful world full of magic, secrets and unexpected dangers
  • Co-op-focused design keeps gameplay fast-paced and strategic for up to 6 players
  • Easy drop-in, drop-out design and automatic scaling that allows you to join or drop out mid-quest
  • D&D-like attribute-based rolls in special events that have permanent character effects
  • Fight against over 200 types of enemies in battles that will be different every time: thanks to the Enemy Modifications feature, every creature you face on the battlefield will be unique
  • A world that changes on each expedition, from frosty peaks guarded by the elusive Blue Dragon to overgrown jungles where the rock giants roam.
  • Pick your path between battles, choosing where to go between story events, resource gathering, shops, fights, and treasure rooms until you get to the final boss of each adventure
  • 6 different difficulty levels
  • Choose between Normal Mode and Hardcore Mode with permadeath if you want a real challenge!

Stolen Realm will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q2 2023.

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