Turbo Pug DX Endlessly Runs Toward Nintendo Switch Release


Back To Basics Gaming and SnowFlame have announced that Turbo Pug DX will see release on Nintendo Switch, a spiritual successor to Turbo Pug.

It’s time to channel your inner Pug once again in this complete re-imagining of Turbo Pug, with the developer delivering all-new artwork, music and mini-games to their fast-paced, addictive, casual Pug-runner game.

Turbo Pug DX will see you run and jump through environments, with different paths and routes to take – some being more difficult, and others rewarding you with the chance to retrieve collectables.

With different dogs to play as, secret mini-games to uncover, leaderboards to top, custom skins, and a jukebox where you can listen to the soundtrack, it certainly sounds like there’s enough to keep you busy.

Turbo Pug DX will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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