TumbleSeed Dares To Dream Big On Nintendo Switch


aeiowu has announced that TumbleSeed will release on Nintendo Switch, the rolly roguelike having been recently awarded with an honourable mention at the 2017 Independent Games Festival.

The game places players in control of a small seed with big dreams, tasking them with rolling up a procedurally generated mountain ridden with holes and corrupted creatures.

With simple controls that are easy to pick up but tricky to master, players must balance the seed, become more powerful thanks to upgrades and meet new friends as they make their way to the mountain’s peak to save their home.

Developed by a Chicago-based group of friends – Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend, David Laskey, Joel Corelitz and Jenna Blazevich – the team has looked to deliver an experience that is sublime yet challenging.

It will also put HD Rumble to use, helping by providing players with a sense of how fast and where they are rolling in TumbleSeed’s vibrantly colour-infused world. The team’s ambition sees them want it to become a flagship title for the unique feature.

“TumbleSeed is perfect for 10-20 minutes play sessions anywhere you may go and also great for a couch-session in 1080p at home,” adds Nintendo of America indie game manager Kirk Scott. “TumbleSeed is made with the same spirit as any major title on a Nintendo system. It’s right at home on the Nintendo Switch.”

TumbleSeed will release on Nintendo Switch worldwide in Spring 2017.

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