TumbleSeed 4 Peaks Update Tweaks Difficulty And Adds Battle Mode


aeiowu has released their 4 Peaks Update for TumbleSeed, that introduces new modes and powers, revises the game’s difficulty and adds an exclusive 2 Player Battle mode on Nintendo Switch.

The developer had written an extensive and honest postmortem on the game’s critical reception, prominence in media reporting, sales performance, what players had struggled with, and lessons learned from the experience.

Rather than lamenting any shortcoming, aeiowu has set about addressing any criticism in the 4 Peaks Update that, coupled with the game being on sale until Thursday 17th August, they hope will let players give the game a second chance.

The update includes four all-new mountains, six new game modes, revised difficulty, new powers and persistent abilities, a 2 Player Battle mode that will let you take on another player in a King of the Hill style face-off, and the new Weekly Challenge – letting you compete against friends on the global leaderboards.

I had really enjoyed my time with the rolly roguelike, concluding in our review: “TumbleSeed is unlike anything that you have ever played before and exemplified the experiences that we all want to see on the Nintendo eShop. The game’s creative spirit is as brave as the heroic seed that inhabits it, with an addictive loop that promises to keep you forever tumbling.”

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