Tsuko G. Rocks Out In Xenoblade Chronicles X Song Cover

tsuko g xenoblade chronicles

Hiroyuki Sawano penned a sensational soundtrack to Xenoblade Chronicles X, the rock-infused music helping to elevate the Wii U exclusive to dizzying heights.

“Uncontrollable,” a song that is heard whenever the player comes to blows with the ferocious Tyrant monsters that inhabit planet Mira, has proven popular, and has inspired Tsuko G. to record his own cover version.

Calling on fellow singer Adrisaurus to fuse her vocals with his, it amounts to a remarkable recording that will deservedly see the French musician continue to discover new fans.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is now available worldwide and we loved it in our review, concluding: “With Xenoblade Chronicles widely seen as Wii’s swansong, it surpassed every expectation of what could be achieved on the console. There are certainly strong parallels to observe in Xenoblade Chronicles X and, regardless of whatever the next year holds, it will be forever cherished as one of Wii U’s greats.”

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  1. “Hiroyuki Sawano penned a sensational soundtrack to Xenoblade Chronicles X, the rock-infused music helping to elevate the Wii U exclusive to dizzying heights”

    …of muddy sound design, ruined cut-scenes and battles that rely on you hearing your party members while blasting that execrable music so you can’t hear them.

    “Uncontrollable” is an especially egregious example, since tyrant battles tend to be your toughest fights and really require you to be taking advantage of Soul Voices whenever possible. Like most Nintendo-published games, there’s no music volume control. Unlike other Nintendo-published games, the mix of game audio to music almost breaks the game, at least for me.

    Seriously, I’ve played XCX for probably around 120 hours thus far, but it’s despite the soundtrack, not because of it. Inferior in every way to the XC music, whose only vocals were barely-recognizable choral bits.

    Cemu can’t get compatible with XCX quickly enough, for my tastes. I’ll hex edit out the music myself if I have to. What a glaring flaw in an otherwise nearly flawless (story is also not all that; even the game’s executive producer agrees) and groundbreaking game. I literally bought the Wii U on the strength of the XCX announcement alone, even preordered the special edition of the game, but if I’d known how terrible and occasionally game-breaking the music was, after how good it was in its predecessor, I’d have waited for the emulator, frankly.

    Certainly the first Xenoblade is a better experience in Dolphin than it was on my launch-day Wii, as well, courtesy of the 1080p output and modders’ texture packs, but also my Xbox 360 controller, which I vastly prefer over any Nintendo-made controller. But XCX actually has something broken about it that I specifically want to fix, so it can’t come soon enough. (I’d also remove the nags to get online, but that’s not as big an annoyance.)

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