Travel Through Time In Crime O’Clock On Nintendo Switch

Crime O'Clock Logo

Just For Games and Bad Seed have announced that their investigation and time exploration game Crime O’Clock will release on Nintendo Switch.

As a time detective, you will work to solve crimes throughout time that should never have happened. However, as a common thread of strange events starts to emerge over the centuries you realise that something or someone is trying to disturb time.

In this point-and-click game, each scene that you must investigate has multiple time markers to visit from which you will need to resolve different cases of hacking, murder, theft and more.

You will need to search for clues and use your deductive skills to combine the missing pieces, with your advanced AI companion EVE helping you and upgrading its systems over time.

There are five different ages that you will be able to explore in your investigations:

  • Steam Age, with automata, crazy inventions, and gothic mysteries.
  • Atlantean Age, with its magic crystals and its peaceful and utopian civilization.
  • Information Age, based on the real city of Milan in Italy, the developer’s hometown. It features some of the most iconic buildings such as Duomo di Milano, Castello Sforzesco, The Last Supper and many more!
  • The Lost Age – the sands of time hide mysteries and technological marvels
  • The Aeon Age – bright lights, ruthless corporations and underground struggles – all hi-tech!

Crime O’Clock will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th June 2023.

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