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Tomorrow Corporation and Sysiac Games have announced that The Captain is now available on Nintendo Switch, news that was shared as part of the week-long Inside the House of Indies holiday event.

You play as Captain Thomas Welmu, a Spacefleet science officer who has found himself lost on the other side of the galaxy from Earth. Learning that dark forces have their sights set on destroying our planet, you carry the only thing that can stop them.

Your challenge is to race back home across the galaxy, collecting new friends on your journey as well as making new enemies. Unable to save everyone, difficult choices will require you to choose who to leave behind, and which civilizations to save or destroy as your journey continues.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Travel the Galaxy: Will you plot the shortest route home or take a detour to use an experimental new technology with a wormhole? Is a distant distress signal worth investigating or should you use your time to raise funds to upgrade your engine? It’s All Up to You, Captain.
  • Explore new worlds: Will you interfere with a pre-space civilization? Will you discover the terrible secret at a covert military base? Will you deliver a dying life-form’s brain back to its people? Or use it to upgrade your ship?
  • Engage in epic space battles! Or avoid them entirely: The galaxy is a dangerous place. Will you shower aggressive encounters with a barrage of Type 2 Vacuum Rockets? Or let them taste the wrath of your freshly polished Plasma Gun? …or will you choose to slip by and hope nobody notices?
  • Repair and upgrade your ship: Those pesky pirates have damaged your sweetheart. Should you go cheap and repair her yourself? Or spend the money and let the professionals do it right? Is it time to buy a brand new Shield Buster? Or perhaps a couple of convenient nuclear warheads?
  • Collect new friends or make new enemies: Will you sacrifice a friend for the greater good? Will you rat out an undercover cop for a chance to get home quickly? Will you keep a life-changing truth from someone so they’ll hang out and be your friend?
  • A galaxy full of tough choices: Will you gain access to the vault with explosives or is there a less intrusive way? Will you figure out how to pull off an undercover heist using a new consciousness transmitter? Ever wanted to try escaping an automated maximum-security prison in space? Will you look fabulous in tight pink swimwear?

The Captain is now available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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