Trance Mode Summons Classic Characters In Final Fantasy Explorers


With Final Fantasy Explorers a week from launch, Square Enix has shared a new legacy trailer that showcases how classic characters will appear in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

When in battle, players can activate Trance Mode in which they may harness the unstoppable power of legendary Final Fantasy characters. Transforming into fan favourite heroes such as Cloud, Terra, Tidus, Yuna and Lightning, each will have their own unique skillset, abilities and devastating ultimate attacks – whether that be Cloud’s Omnislash (Final Fantasy VII), Terra’s Riot Blade (Final Fantasy VI) or Tidus’ Blitz Ace (Final Fantasy X).

These characters can be unlocked by speaking to local town moogles to embark on rare quests, completion rewarding players with special character magicites that may be equipped at the town’s central crystal.

Final Fantasy Explorers will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on January 26th, and across Europe on January 29th.


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