Toy Soldiers HD Deploys September Release Date

Toy Soldiers HD Screenshot

Accelerate Games has confirmed a release date for Toy Soldiers HD, which is coming to Nintendo Switch next month.

This award-winning “multi-genre action-strategy game” was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade, and has now been “overhauled and upgraded with new content, skins, gameplay, expanded game modes, improved controls and graphical upgrades.”

Including all the original downloadable content and “a few new levels,” you will have the chance to either command your antique World War I toy soldiers from above or take direct control from below.

You must lead your foot soldiers, cavalry, tanks and planes to victory, deploying guns, gas, howitzers, mortars, troops, flamethrowers and vehicles to protect your Toybox as you fight to control the trench-filled diorama battlefields of Europe.

Toy Soldiers HD will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 9th September 2021.

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