Townsmen: The Seaside Empire DLC Coming To Nintendo Switch In Early 2020

Townsmen: The Seaside Empire Logo

HandyGames has revealed plans to release The Seaside Empire downloadable content for the Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt on Nintendo Switch.

After a subject delivers a message from the Queen of the coast, your assistance is requested in her country.

With a new Mediterranean setting, this downloadable content will challenge you to build a harbour along the coast to increase your trade and witness all-new story events.

You will be able to construct new buildings near the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean, such as the military castle, the coastal harbour, or the Inn.

As you build your medieval seaside metropolis, you must also face difficult moral choices and decisions. That could see you send your villagers on expeditions, or deal with new disasters and weather phenomena.

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt: The Seaside Empire will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2020.

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